October 22, 2008

Hawkeye Introduces Klickable TV

hawkeye, the world's leading expert on Web 3.0, has introduced Klickable TV, an online video platform that enables users to interact with the content they are viewing.

"We're proud to be partnering with Klickable TV, the leading player that allows users to 'klick' on a video to interact with objects, actors and other hotspots overlaid on top of video content," said Steve Dapper, founder and CEO of hawkeye.

"hawkeye is the leading authority on all that is advanced on the web," said Roger Wu, co-founder and president of Klickable TV. "We couldn't be more thrilled to partner with hawkeye and have them provide a Klickable demo on their website."

Typical uses of Klickable videos include e-commerce, rich value-added information nuggets and game-like contests. The new platform is coming to major TV shows, newscasts, music videos and more.

Online viewers can get deeper information - in real time - about anything they see or hear on a Klickable-adapted video. For instance: Where can I buy the jewelry she is wearing? How much is the shirt he has on? Who sings that theme song?

Want to see for yourself? A free demonstration of this exciting new technology is just a "klick" away. Go to hawkeyeww.com and enter Offer Code: KLI8098.

About hawkeye

hawkeye is a special forces team that uses insight and data intelligence to quickly solve complex challenges for world-class marketers like Capital One, HP, Microsoft and Agilent Technologies. Core practices include B2B, Branding, Interactive, Direct and Sports Marketing, and Entertainment.

hawkeye's U.S. associates are in Boise, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Lodz, Poland; London, Los Angeles, New York, Rochester, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore and Vail. For more information, go to www.hawkeyeww.com.

About Klickable

Klickable's interactive video platform harnesses social media to create a comprehensive viewing experience and provides never-before-seen insights into viewer behavior. With a variety of professional and semi-professional users, Klickable is the leading interactive video provider. Founded in 2007, Klickable.tv is based in New York City. For more information, visit www.klickable.tv.