October 22, 2008

Mediasmith Launches Customizable Blueprint

Digital media agency Mediasmith has launched M3, a customizable blueprint that integrates emerging media technologies, social media, and search.

According to the company, M3 enables clients to obtain all of these services under a suite taking advantage of the next generation of communication tools.

As the logical extension of Mediasmith's emerging media technologies practice, M3 has evolved from the realization that a number of these tools and new media types don't involve a media buy. They still, however, involve all of the typical media service functions from objectives to strategy to distribution, tracking and optimization, said Mediasmith.

Usually offered by different agencies or departments within an agency, M3, emerging media technologies, social media and search encompass both the push aspects of traditional media and the dialogue aspects of social media seeding along with search, added Mediasmith.

David Smith, founder and CEO of Mediasmith, said: "M3 reflects the exponential growth of media options, you could call it Moore's Law of media. Whether we are dealing with paid media distribution or newer organic media seeding and distribution, it is Mediasmith's goal to provide clients with avenues to reach their consumers, wherever they are."