October 26, 2008

Smith Admits Marriage Fallout From ‘Porno’

U.S. movie director Kevin Smith says his wife was initially jealous when he began work on "Zack and Miri Make a Porno."

The "Dogma" director said when his wife learned the movie would involve a great deal of female nudity, she initially was not too thrilled with the concept of having her husband surrounded by naked women, The Boston Globe reported Sunday.

"She was very standoffish at the beginning," Smith said of his wife. "(But) all that went away very quickly when she met (adult film star) Katie Morgan, the woman who spends the most time in the movie being naked. (Katie is) the most normal person you'll ever meet, except for having a near-genius IQ."

Smith, known for quirky movies such as "Clerks" and "Mallrats," told the Globe the idea for using real-life adult movie actors was actually the idea of "Porno" star Seth Rogen.

"After he read the script, one of the first things he talked about was casting real porn stars. I said, 'They can't act.' He said, 'It doesn't matter.' I was like, 'Good point.'" Smith said of his interaction with Rogen.

"Porno" opens Friday nationwide.