October 27, 2008

LIN TV Announces WTNH-TV and WCTX-TV to Test Backchannelmedia’s TV-to-Internet Click Through Technology

LIN TV Corp. (NYSE: TVL), a local television and digital media company, announced today that its Hartford-New Haven television stations, WTNH-TV ABC Channel 8 and WCTX-TV MyTV Channel 9, will participate in Backchannelmedia's TV-to-Internet Click Through market trial.

The market trial, set to begin this November, will test Backchannelmedia's interactive technology with a select group of WTNH-TV and WCTX-TV viewers and advertisers. Backchannelmedia's patent-pending technology enables viewers to conveniently interact with television ads and programs and bookmark interesting content and advertisers' offers to view at their convenience.

While watching WTNH-TV and WCTX-TV, participants in the trial will click their TV remote controls on small, non-intrusive icons at the bottom of the viewer's TV screen to "bookmark" offers on items of interest in local news and entertainment programming. The "bookmarked" content is forwarded to the viewer's personal web site branded and framed into WTNH.com for easy viewer access and also logged at a data center, providing valuable information for broadcasters and their advertisers.

LIN TV's new media strategy is focused on partnering with innovative companies, such as Backchannelmedia, to deploy technology that will engage its audiences around LIN TV's market-leading brands and generate new revenue opportunities. Backchannelmedia's TV-to-Internet Click Through technology enables LIN TV to engage its viewers, collect valuable data on viewer interaction, drive incremental revenue, and move viewers between LIN TV's television and Internet channels.

"We are interested in evaluating interactive television applications for our channels. Interactive TV creates unique opportunities for our new media business," said Robb Richter, senior vice president, new media, LIN TV. "Backchannelmedia's TV-to-Internet Click Through technology offers viewers a convenient way to interact with our popular television content, which opens the door to a myriad of more advanced marketing opportunities for our advertisers. We look forward to participating in the market trial and strategically evaluating Backchannelmedia's cutting-edge technology."

"LIN TV is at the forefront of embracing new media trends and we are confident that we can provide them with new ways to connect with their viewers and advertisers," said Michael Kokernak, founder and co-chief executive officer, Backchannelmedia. "Our product is one of the best interactive products on the market today and I predict great results from our market trial with WTNH-TV and WCTX-TV."

About LIN TV

LIN TV Corp., along with its subsidiaries, is a local television and digital media company, owning and/or operating 29 television stations in 17 U.S. markets, all of which are affiliated with a national broadcast network. LIN TV's highly-rated stations deliver important local news and community stories, along with top-rated sports and entertainment programming.

LIN TV is also a leader in the convergence of local broadcast television and the Internet through its television station web sites and a growing number of local online innovations that reach 15% of U.S. broadband households. LIN TV is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "TVL". Financial information about the company is available at www.lintv.com.

About Backchannelmedia Inc.

Boston-based Backchannelmedia, Inc. (www.backchannelmedia.com) was founded in 2000. Backchannelmedia has developed technology that can be embedded into existing set-top boxes currently found in many TV viewer homes that allows the viewer to forward or "bookmark" their interests from TV to the online world. That interactive technology combined with the Backchannelmedia Portal on the Internet creates a secure link between the TV and Internet platforms. This secure link can be used to create a richer viewing experience for the TV viewer by linking it to content and e-commerce on the Internet.

Backchannelmedia's opt-in solution answers TV viewer concerns for increased online privacy by extending controls to the viewer for the TV experience. Backchannelmedia's patent pending technology can be deployed in consumer electronics equipment, TV sets, over the air receivers, cable head-ends, switched digital video and network DVR technologies, direct broadcast providers, as well as a multitude of devices and delivery providers.