October 29, 2008

Report: Glitter to Get $164K for HP Ad

Singer and convicted British child molester Gary Glitter is expected to be paid about $164,000 in royalties for a song used in a commercial.

The computer company Hewlett Packard used Joan Jett's 1982 cover version of Glitter's 1973 song "Do You Wanna Touch Me" to promote its TouchSmart television; however, Glitter was not paid royalties, the Daily Telegraph said.

The 64-year-old performer returned to England in August after serving more than two years in a Vietnamese prison for sexually assaulting two little girls in 2006.

Although he has indicated he would like to live elsewhere, at least 19 countries have refused to allow him across their borders.

He is now on England's sex offenders registry and lives in hiding. His songs are never played on the radio in the United Kingdom, due to his criminal record, the Telegraph said.

The Hewlett Packard commercial, though widely aired in the United States, was not shown on British television, the newspaper noted.