October 31, 2008

The FX Election Special: Vote for Your U.S President of Animation!

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In the lead up to the 2008 US presidential elections, FX will air back-to-back episodes of Family Guy and American Dad to commemorate the occasion, kick-starting this week, every night at 9pm. The event will close with a special edition of the Colbert Report, Wednesday, November 5th at 10pm, bringing you all the highlights surrounding the Presidential Election.

As part of the comedy block, Thursday nights from 9pm, FX presents a double of Family Guy and American Dad that are linked by an electoral 'issue' - the same issues that American voters will be weighing up before they go to the polls on November 4th. Issues include family values, terrorism and the war on drugs. Viewers will get the chance to pick from:

Whilst FX viewers can't vote Obama or McCain, they can elect their own cartoon president by visiting http://www.fxuk.com/electionspecial and vote for their favourite episode of American Dad or Family Guy online in a bid to crown Stan Smith or Peter Griffin President of Animation. Viewers are also in with the chance to win a limited edition goody bag filled with prizes such as Family Guy/American Dad DVDs, t-shirts and a Family Guy Freakin Sweet Pack.

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