November 3, 2008

On the Path Productions — Radio

"It turns out that radio actually is television without pictures," said Christopher Springmann, executive producer of On the Path Productions LLC. "It's an old line, but with on-line video and social media dominating website content, shooting videos of radio interviews just makes communications sense -- and economic sense."

On the Path Productions (OPP) creates the daily radio show Life Love & Health, and the hour-long weekly feature Life Love & Health: Special Edition, plus custom webcasts and PSAs.

"It's an opportunity that's growing to meet an unmet need. Here's a good example. The American Pain Foundation (APF) videoed our Life Love & Health radio interview sessions during their media training, in the '60 Minutes' TV style," said Springmann, who interviewed the subjects. "With APF leadership, physicians and pain advocates from across the country literally under one roof, it was the perfect moment to produce an enormous amount of audio and video quickly and economically."

Tamara Sloan Anderson, Director of Program Development for APF, explained the thinking behind this approach.

"Pain has no boundaries, so we look for creative and strategic ways to reach out to a broad audience," said Anderson. "New social media is a perfect avenue for reaching younger and more tech savvy consumers. We took the interviews done by On the Path Productions and worked with a producer to mix in previously shot video. We put resulting shorts up on our own site ( as well as YouTube, iTunes, mDialogue and Facebook -- giving viewers a variety of video resolutions and mediums. This greatly extends our outreach. We've also used these videos in presentations, tapping into the emotion of the issue through visuals and music. It's a powerful new way to reach a broader constituency and we're very excited by this leap into social media. Working with On the Path Productions was a delight and we hope to create more of these audio/visual shorts in the future."

Springmann also appears on camera in an interview for Easter Seals shot at Safeway's California corporate headquarters, featuring Larree Renda, Chair of the Safeway Foundation. "Even though the ultimate goal of the interview was to produce radio programming for Easter Seals, Safeway graciously videoed my interview with Larree Renda," acknowledged Springmann. "It's the best of both worlds, as the video has taken on a vibrant life of its own, with distribution way beyond the radio show, to entirely different markets."

The interview can be heard and seen at

Life Love & Health's daily programs are consistently included in XM Satellite Radio's broadcast programming of CNN and Fox News television audio feeds, with Larry King and Bill O'Reilly.

"It's essentially television on radio, but without the pictures," Springmann concluded. "This is why it's absolutely crucial for our clients to think multiple usage, then multiple reuses on various social and new media platforms. Not only will they amortize the investment more effectively, but they'll ensure added pickup to Internet and viral outlets that conventional real-time broadcasts miss the first time, such as searchable content, streaming audio and podcasts."

Life Love & Health, America's most listened-to daily 90-second health, prevention and wellness program, reaches over 6.4 million listeners on SIRIUS XM, CNN, Fox, ESPN; multiple Public Radio affiliates; in-store radio in 3200+ retail locations;; plus the Voice of America and American Forces Network.

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On the Path Productions LLC (OPP), founded by radio personality and motivational speaker Christopher Springmann, produces popular radio broadcasts including Life Love & Health and Body Language as well as custom webcasts and house-branded newsmagazines, focused on health and lifestyle issues. Sponsored and underwritten by leading brands, trade associations, foundations and healthcare organizations, OPP's 800+ radio shows have reached millions of consumers, opinion leaders, policy makers and healthcare influencers via satellite radio, public radio affiliates and major retail in-store radio; New Media distribution including; plus the Voice of America and American Forces Network. For more information about On the Path Productions, visit

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