November 6, 2008

Machinima.Com Raises Millions to Drive Expansion, the premier entertainment network for the video game generation, today announced it has received $3.85 million in capital from MK Capital and other private investors to help fund business expansion. The machinima genre has gained tremendous popularity during the past several years, and is attracting some of the world's largest technology, gaming and entertainment advertisers.

"Any company that is planning to launch a major video game or movie can't afford to overlook and its powerful reach in the gaming and entertainment communities," said Terri Perkins, media strategy director at Funcom, a leading independent developer and publisher of computer and console games. "We ran an InVideo ad campaign on the YouTube channel when we launched Age of Conan and the results were impressive, exceeding 2.37 percent click through rates."

Machinima is the integration of filmmaking techniques, animation and videogame technologies to produce computer generated animation in real-time. is the undisputed leader in the category, providing news, articles, interviews and in-depth features on creating machinima as well as the largest selection of machinima videos from around the world. Many of the world's leading advertisers are leveraging's highly-engaged audience to drive significant results for their campaigns including: EA, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Paramount Pictures, Sega, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

"This funding is an endorsement that is a next-generation online video-programming brand that not only delivers significant reach and video views, but also delivers an extremely high level of user engagement which is the key differentiator for online video brands - embeds, comments, ratings, etc.," said Allen DeBevoise, chairman and CEO.

To assist in its expansion, recently appointed five influential entertainment industry leaders and entrepreneurs to its Board of Directors that will govern the strategic direction of the company. The Board members include: Yair Landau, former head of Sony Pictures Digital, Joi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons, Matt Coffin, founder of, Mark Terbeek, partner at MK Capital, and Allen DeBevoise, CEO of Machinima.

" will continue to see growth as these advertisers are actively looking for effective ways to market new games and movies to this elusive and highly-engaged audience," said Mark Terbeek, partner at MK Capital. "MK Capital is excited to be on board during such an exciting growth period."

About is the premier machinima entertainment network for the gamer generation showing user-generated and professional videos, gameplay and trailers from popular video games. The network comprised of highly-engaged gamers and content creators is the ninth most subscribed YouTube channel and serves more than 30 million videos views per month. Companies from the film, gaming and consumer industries are using as an advertising platform for launching new video games and movies and reaching gaming and film enthusiasts around the world. Current advertisers include: EA, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Paramount Pictures, Sega, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. To learn more, visit or its YouTube channel at