November 6, 2008

Diverse Media Group Inc. (DVME) Ranks in Top 10 for Third Year in a Row

Diverse Media Group's (Pink Sheets: DVME) subsidiary Diverse Talent Group has proven itself to be a rock solid force in Hollywood as it holds the prestigious position of the world's 10th largest talent agency. In the new Talent Agency Rankings just published by the award winning Los Angeles Business Journal, Diverse Talent Group has again claimed its foothold among the top industry leaders.

Ranked 14th in 2002, the same year pacesetter Creative Artist Agency took the first position away from the iconic William Morris Agency, Diverse Talent Group moved rapidly up the ranks to the 12th position by 2004. It was in 2006 that Diverse first reached a milestone and made it into the top 10 out of more than 300 agencies.

The company was originally founded in 1982 as CNA & Associates; the Agency was later merged with Susan Sussman's Premiere Artists Agency and renamed Diverse Talent Group. The Company offers talent and literary representation in motion pictures, commercials, episodic television and cable programming, in addition to project packaging and distribution. With a roster of high-profile clients and a mix of developing prospects, Diverse Talent Group is a robust organization building on its foundation of talent-based commissions and television and film packaging revenues.

Diverse Talent Group's highly valued assets consist of a client base that range in scope from Academy-Award(R) winners and top sitcom artists, to hourlong drama directors, editors and producers. It is this extensive client base that has propelled Diverse Media Group's rise to its current preeminent position in Hollywood. This client roster provides the Agency with recurring and ongoing revenues as the Agency receives percentages of all proceeds generated from its celebrity clients. Additionally, Diverse engages in high-margin development projects for television and film. The Agency's strong creative team has developed a specialty in producing packages for film and television that provide additional revenue streams as part of a diverse strategic growth plan.

Chris Nassif, president and founder of Diverse Talent Group, says: "We have been consistently moving up the ranks and have demonstrated our ability to thrive in a competitive environment. Having accomplished a solid foothold as one of the industry's top 10 agencies, our next target is focused on the top five and we are pulling the trigger."

The start of the 2009 television season marks the beginning of a welcome industry turnaround, after last year's strike by the Writers Guild of America cut short the 2008 season. The industry publication Mediaweek(TM) reports that "premiere week was a good week for broadcasters, as viewers returned to network shows in large numbers." Diverse Talent Group currently has numerous actors with regular or recurring roles, as well as producers, directors and writers working on shows airing on ABC (Disney), CBS (CBS Corp), Fox (News Corp), and NBC (General Electric) as well as many other networks. Nassif added, "The entertainment industry has historically done very well during economic hard times and that trend seems to be holding true as our current economy roller coasters. We are not only located in the epicenter of the entertainment industry but after many years of persistence we are now positioned to make our move and the timing is now right."

About Diverse Media Group, Inc.

Diverse Media Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: DVME) ( is an entertainment company that aggregates expertise across all aspects of the media industry. Diverse Media Group has at its core the established 27-year history of its wholly owned subsidiary, Diverse Talent Group. Diverse Talent Group is now the 10th largest Hollywood agency offering talent and literary representation in commercials, episodic television, cable programming and motion pictures. The company has the ability to create programming, foster distribution and represent talented individuals to fuel a new digital age of content generation. The parent company also includes subsidiary, Talent Quest America, Inc., which identifies new and rising talent representing the future of the Hollywood entertainment community.