November 11, 2008

Good Christian Bitches

DALLAS, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Good Christian Bitches is creating quite a buzz from New York City to Dallas and L.A. First-time author Kim Gatlin has penned the devilishly fun, yet painfully honest novel Good Christian Bitches (Brown Books Publishing Group) about idle gossip and the betrayal of friends. While the racy title is grabbing the attention of everyone from soccer moms to entertainment editors, it's the message between the pages that's really hitting home.


"The good news is -- it's a relatable topic," says Kim Gatlin. "The bad news is -- it's a relatable topic." Kim has put a voice to an all-too-familiar scenario that is played out over and over again in large and small cities across the country. While the setting is Dallas, Kim's hometown, she is quick to point out that the characters are pure fiction, but very relatable, which makes them seem quite real.

Good Christian Bitches (GCB) is set in fictional Hillside Park where gossip is the local pastime, you can get the latest scoop at Bible study and loyalties can shift in an instant. The ladies of Hillside Park love a good secret ... as long as it's not their own. The main character Amanda Vaughn is newly divorced and moving back to Dallas to rebuild her life. What she encounters is a cast of old friends, neighbors and fellow church members who are out to destroy her reputation. In the whirling midst of salacious rumors, Botox, and fraud, Amanda turns to those who love her and the faith she's always known.

"I hope readers see my book as a fun read with a worthwhile message," says Kim. "I know people will laugh at themselves, as well as others, as they recognize some of these GCB scenarios. My purpose in highlighting this behavior is to make people think. Think about what they say. Think about the choices they make when dealing with others. We're all human. We're going to make mistakes but we don't have to be GCBs."

Kim Gatlin lives in the Park Cities area of Dallas with her two children. Good Christian Bitches is her first book.

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