November 12, 2008

Wrapped Around Sonoco’s New Stealth Core(TM) Film Cores, New Saturn(TM) Handheld Film From Berry Plastics Offers Many Layers of Environmental Sustainability

To enhance the environmentally sustainable qualities of its new Saturn(TM) handheld film line, Berry Plastics has chosen to manufacture the film using Sonoco's (NYSE: SON) new Stealth Core(TM) film cores, the latest innovation in film packaging.

Berry introduced its patent-pending Saturn film line throughout North America earlier this month. Compared to a traditional .65 gauge of handheld film, the .33 gauge of the Saturn film line offers lightweight rolls that are easy to handle, enhanced by the lighter weight of Stealth Core film cores, as compared to traditional film cores.

"Our customers' desire for environmental sustainable products was a driving reason for Berry to develop our new Saturn handheld film," said John Metuzak, president, Flexibles Films division, Berry Plastics. "Manufacturing this film with the most sustainable core available is not only the right decision for the environment, but also a way to increase the value of our products for our customers by reducing the impact of its packaging."

Stealth Core film cores are designed using Active Tension Displacement, or ATD Technology(TM), which allows the core to maintain internal diameter and length integrity, despite the tension created during the winding process and post production as film cures.

"This is an excellent example of how the Stealth Core technology platform can meet ongoing advancements in film manufacturing," said John Colyer, division vice president and general manager, Industrial Products - North America. "As the film market continues to down gauge, the Stealth Core film core provides the advanced technology required to withstand the additional radial pressure and provide enhanced sustainability."

For more information on Stealth Core, call Sonoco's customer service center at 888/875-8754.

About Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics is a leading manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Berry Plastics is a major producer of a wide range of products, including open top and closed top packaging, polyethylene-based plastic films, industrial tapes, medical specialties, heat-shrinkable coatings and specialty laminates. The company's 17,000 plus customers range from large multinational corporations to small local business. Based in Evansville, Indiana, the company has 68 manufacturing facilities worldwide and nearly 14,000 employees.

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