November 23, 2008

Hollywood divided over Proposition 8

Hollywood industry officials say the U.S. entertainment industry has been in turmoil since California passed Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage.

Film distributor Howard Cohen said the Election Day outcome left Hollywood filled with conflict between those who supported the ban and those who opposed it as a violation of civil rights, the Los Angeles Times said Sunday.

Some of the biggest names at the center of the controversy are Los Angeles Film Festival Director Richard Raddon and Film Independent, the Times said.

Raddon donated $1,500 in support of Proposition 8 and despite criticism by same-sex marriage supporters, Film Independent has defended his position with the festival.

There is still roiling debate within the organization, Cohen said of the Hollywood conflict. Is it OK to let this go? There are a lot of gay people who work at Film Independent. The issue has not been closed.

The Times said adding to the controversy are the notable names who are part of the group's board including actors Don Cheadle, Forest Whitaker and Fox Searchlight President Peter Rice.