November 28, 2008

Prince Charles has busy life as royal

Prince Charles's days as a member of the British royal family are filled with an exhausting schedule of official but mostly non-government events.

The Daily Mirror Wednesday reported that after following the Prince of Wales on an average day, it found the 60-year-old royal faces a litany of duties.

After waking in the morning, Prince Charles spent two hours on the telephone and looking over paperwork related to his position. The heir apparent to the British throne then visited with local dignitaries in the city of Sheffield and commemorated a new building.

Operating a 10,000-ton jackhammer was part of the prince's duties during the ceremony, which ended with Charles helping unveil a commemorative plaque.

Charles then traveled to Halifax for another public appearance featuring the 12th Halifax Sea Scouts before moving on to Bradford for another plaque unveiling and accompanying speech. Charles then moved on to Bingley to tour the Cottingley Community Center, the Mirror said.

A dinner meeting with charitable dignitaries rounded out the prince's day, which began anew as the Royal Train carried Charles to his next round of appearances.