November 29, 2008

Ryder’s borrowed bling goes missing

U.S. actress Winona Ryder is the apparent victim this time when some expensive jewelry disappeared while she was in Spain, reports.

TMZ said the magazine Marie Claire had loaned Ryder a Bulgari Bracelet and a ring worth $125,000, along with an outfit, to wear to an event it had scheduled in Madrid last Sunday. The next morning, Ryder apparently left the jewelry and clothes behind in her room when she checked out to head to France, and that's when the bracelet and ring disappeared.

There had been a report that Ryder had claimed to have turned over the jewelry to the front desk for safekeeping. But TMZ reported its sources confirm she never did that and the story may have been concocted to cover for someone who had access to Ryder's room after she left.

Ryder had not been contacted by police, TMZ said.

Ryder was convicted in a 2001 shoplifting incident at a Saks Fifth Avenue department store in Beverly Hills, Calif.