December 7, 2008

Roy Horn makes trumphant hike in Vegas

Illusionist Roy Horn said he was determined not to disappoint Las Vegas stargazers by skipping this year's Great Santa Run.

The Roy half of the legendary Siegfried and Roy rode walked 2 miles in the procession through downtown Vegas Saturday, despite doctor's advise that he stay home and recover from a recent bout of the flu, the Las Vegas Sun reported Sunday.

Back on two feet, Horn had been restricted to a wheelchair after nearly being killed at the Mirage in 2003 by one of the famed white tigers that made the magic act Siegfried and Roy a Vegas fixture. He suffered multiple head and neck injuries and later was stricken by a stroke.

I couldn't disappoint everybody and not show up, Horn told the Sun. So I decided to ignore what the doctor said and showed up anyway. Then once I was here, why not go for it?

The Sun noted that Horn made the trek Saturday without having to lean on anyone or even using a cane as he did last year.