December 7, 2008

Report: Cops shag balls for Prince Andrew

Guards at Britain's Buckingham Palace have shagged golf balls for Prince Andrew and tiptoe past his father's open window, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The new batch of insider revelations comes from court documents and sources that also report the queen herself has a rubber duckie for the royal tub that has a little gold crown.

The duck was a good-natured gift and the queen apparently was amused.

The sources also said Andrew allegedly has his personal bodyguards fetch the golf balls he hits while practicing his swing on the palace grounds.

Prince Philip sleeps with his window open and has a standing order that guards walk on the grass outside his bedroom instead of the crunchy gravel path.

On a more serious note, the newspaper said, are court documents contending Andrew has been known to bring friends into the palace without clearing security, and that officers on the security team have a culture of drinking and gambling.