December 1, 2008

Twilight Layouts and Election Layouts Most Popular November Downloads at

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Moviegoers and voters were
busy decorating their social networking profiles last month, according to (, a social networking design
website. Today, the company released its most popularly downloaded designs for
the month of November 2008, as well as its most popularly downloaded designs
so far this year. Topping the November list are Twilight Layouts
(, featuring Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, the
characters of the movie Twilight based on the popular book series by Stephenie
. Election Layouts were the second most popularly downloaded designs in
November, with Barack Obama taking top billing as the most downloaded layouts
within that category. Thanksgiving Layouts rounded out the top three.

According to Jennifer Lange, president of, Twilight Layouts
are the most popular designs the website has ever offered, downloaded by
social networking users at a rate of more than four to one compared to that of
other design downloads at its website.

"Twilight is truly a phenomenon, mainly because it resonates with young
and old alike," said Jennifer Lange, president of "It doesn't
matter if you believe in vampires or not. People connect with a compelling
love story and Twilight is about as compelling as it gets."

    Following are the top five most downloaded designs for the
month of November 2008.

    1. Twilight Layouts
    2. Election Layouts
    3. Thanksgiving Layouts
    4. Fall Layouts
    5. Hot Layouts (

Following are the top five most downloaded designs so far
this year.

    1. Twilight Layouts
    2. Hot Layouts
    3. Black Layouts (
    4. Cute Layouts (
    5. Love Layouts

Lange says of the design categories offered at, Layouts
remains the most popular category, followed by Graphics, Backgrounds, Extras
(including Widgets and Generators), and Extended Network Banners.

Of the social networking websites for which the company offers designs,
MySpace is by far the most popular, followed by Friendster, MyYearBook, Xanga
and Virb.

About ( is the Internet's premier
destination for Layouts, Backgrounds, Contact Tables, Extended Network
Banners, Glitter Graphics, Text Generators and Flash Widgets for a variety of
social networking websites, including MySpace, Xanga, MyYearBook, Friendster
and Virb. also offers easy-to-follow design instructions,
along with important Internet safety tips.