‘Do You Know How I Feel?’: New Book Teaches Children to Accept Others Despite Perceived Differences

December 4, 2008

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ — A child’s first day of
school can be intimidating enough without dealing with a physical limitation
like cerebral palsy. In her poignant children’s story, “Do You Know How I
Feel?” (published by AuthorHouse — http://www.authorhouse.com), Zofia
helps young readers understand the challenges disabled children

Meet Zack, a fun-loving 8-year-old who loves eating ice cream and
chocolate and playing with his friends. Zack shares what his daily life is
like living with cerebral palsy, candidly discussing the physical components
of the disease as well as the many specialists he visits. As readers get to
know Zack, they are able to empathize with him and discover that he shares
many of the same thoughts and feelings they do.

As the first day of school approaches, Zack cannot wait to begin this new
chapter in his life. However, by the end of the second day, disappointment
replaces excitement. He is left behind at recess as his classmates run and
play. He sits alone at lunch. In the days that follow, friendly adults help
Zack adjust, especially his special education assistant, Mrs. Simken. Soon,
the other children feel comfortable around Zack and realize, despite his
physical differences, he is a lot like they are. Friendships grow, and Zack
finally feels a part of this new circle of friends.

Filled with colorful illustrations, “Do You Know How I Feel?” teaches
young readers the importance of kindness and acceptance of those who may
appear different, teaching the invaluable lesson that deep down, people are
more alike than they think.

About the Author: Originally from Europe, Zofia Kaczmarek currently lives
in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband, two children, and one dog.
During her practicum as a special education assistant she noticed that it was
difficult for many children to relate to classmates who were disabled. In
2005, Kaczmarek sustained permanent injury in a car accident. She says this
experience enabled her to understand what it is like to be disabled. “Do You
Know How I Feel?” is her first book.

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