Eukanuba World Challenge 2008: All 52 Countries’ Representative Top Winning Dogs Announced

December 4, 2008

NEW YORK, Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Eukanuba, working in cooperation with the FCI and AKC, is especially pleased to publicize the details of all Top Winning dogs who will be representing the 52 invited participating countries at the 2nd Annual Eukanuba World Challenge hosted at the AKC / Eukanuba National Championships in Long Beach, California this December.

This unmatched line up of outstanding dogs includes those who have won top honors at prestigious shows worldwide such as the AKC / Eukanuba National Championship, Crufts, FCI World Dog Show, and European and Asian Shows. All participants will compete for the title of the 2008 Eukanuba World Challenge Champion along with prize money of $10,000. The runner up will receive $3,000 and the first runner up $2,000. The countries, predetermined by geographical regions, are divided into four sections with 3 dogs from each section being selected to go forth to the final which will be judged by FCI President and all breed judge, Mr. Hans Muller.

The entire Eukanuba World Challenge event will be held in the Main Arena of the Long Beach Convention Centre with a live audience of thousands. The opening ceremony promises to be spectacular with all 52 representing dogs being accompanied into the arena by Kennel Club officials as the flag bearers. The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday evening, 13th of December, immediately before the judging of the first two sections; Europe 1, and The Americas. The remaining two sections Europe and Africa 2 and Asia & Oceania will be judged on Sunday evening, the 14th of December. The final is scheduled to take place on Sunday ahead of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship’s Best In Show. The event is being recorded for broadcast by Animal Planet.

Europe and Africa Section 1, Judge – Mr Edd Bivin (USA)

    Country      Breed of Dog       Name of Dog             Name of Owner

    Austria      Dachshund (Mini    Bartoldi d'Harcourt     Janos Turzo

    Belgium      Beagle             Florreke Lighthouse     Stefaan Dielens
                                    Family                  and Iris Abrams

    Croatia      American Akita     Amadar True Colours     Marin Nekic and
                                    at Redwich              Ivana Frkic

    Czech        Chinese Crested    Oliver Modry kvet       Libuse Brychtova

    Denmark      American Cocker    Galaksi Million         Michael M.
                 Spaniel            Dollar                  Kristensen

    France       Briquet Griffon    Sabra Du Sentier        Mathilde
                 Vendeen            D'Aimeron               Leonard-Knolle

    Ireland      American Cocker    San Jo's Born to        Margaret and
                 Spaniel            Party                   Monica Boardman

    Netherlands  Shiba Inu          Mara-shimas
                                    Koki's Kime Waza        Wilma van der Meer

    Portugal     Weimaraner         Casa De Juno Amazi      Joao and Rute

    Russia       Afghan Hound       Polo's Top Gear         Anna Belyaevskaya

    Slovenia     German Shepherd    Dex Zlatolicni          Dusan Travikar

    Spain        Siberian Husky     Simba del Karraces      Jose Carlos

    Sweden       Old English        Villa's Cruella At      Ingela and Per
                  Sheepdog          Dizzny                  Wallstrom/Tim

    Switzerland   America Cocker    Very Vigie Vamos A La   Jouelle Doucet/Dr
                  Spaniel           Playa                   Jean-Loius

    Ukraine       Bichon Frise      Paray's Tabloid News    Piatygina Liudmyla

    United        Standard Poodle   Afterglow The Big       Jason Lynn and
    Kingdom                         Tease                   Michael Gadsby

    Turkey        German Shepherd   Wisky von der alten     Can Paksoy

The Americas, Judge, Dr Paolo Dondina (Italy)

    Country       Breed of Dog     Name of Dog            Name of Owner

    Argentina     Dobermann        De Lex Luthor Flash    Fabio Norberto Diaz

    Brasil        Smooth Fox       High Mountaon Riven    Jerson Valle and
                  Terrier          Run                    Victor Malzon Jr and
                                                          Carol Bonka

    Canada        Sealyham         Efbe's Merci Pour      Tom & June Fraser
                  Terrier          le Poivre

    Chile         Dobermann        Silver Charm           Carlos Frings

    Colombia      French Bulldog   Simon Chicamocha       Sergio Escobar and
                                   Lesabulldogs           Leonardo Ensciso

    Mexico        Xoloitzcuintle   Tenango (Arena)        Begona
                  Standard                                Gimenes-Valdes

    Puerto Rico   Labrador         Petron Caruso          Jose A Torres Oritz
                                                          /Katherine A

    Uruguay       Dobermann        Nichol's Xerox         Osvaldo Longinotto

    USA           Sealyham         Efbe's Hildago At      Richard and Marjorie
                  Terrier          Goodspice              Good/Sandra

    Venzuela      Boxer            Caliche de Camiyol     Carlos Trejo

Europe and Africa Section 2, Judge – Mr Rafael De Santiago (Puerto Rico)

    Country       Breed of Dog     Name of Dog            Name of Owner

    Bulgaria      Newfoundland     King of Helluland      Bonka Borisova and
                                   Choose Me              Georgieva-Kadrieva

    Cyprus        Labrador         Marcia of Twinstep     Costas
                  Retriever                               Christodoulou

    Estonia       Samoyed          Pilgramage Snow        Kristiine Uspenski

    Finland       Dachshund        Unita's Charlemagne    Ulla Bjorkman

    Germany       Saluki           Dakira Sawahin         Dagmar

    Greece        German Shepherd  Aloe Clever Canin      Ioanniis Kostas

    Hungary       Newfoundland     Skipper's Emperior     Siklosi Bela
                                   King of Hellund

    Israel        Kerry Blue       Gardemarin is          Tali Lin
                  Terrier          Kraya Malahita

    Italy         Welsh Corgi      Dragonheart            Ceredi Charia

    Luxembourg    Maltese          Epice des              Laurent Heinesche

    Norway        Pug              P BH SRB MN Nord       Bjorn Erling Loken

    Poland        Min. Poodle      Caspian's Line         Beata Matlawska

    Romania       Dachshund        Pi Da Quinta           Marian Draganescu
                  (wirehaired)     D'aboeira

    Serbia        American         Don King Of Ring's     Miloje Cirovic

    Slovakia      Siberian Husky   Vinyamar's Flashing    Jana Muranska

    South Africa  Afghan Hound     Agha Djari's           Ria Wessels
                                   Question of Honour
                                   of Accolades

Asia and Oceania, Judge – Mr Andrew Brace (UK)

    Country       Breed of Dog     Name of Dog            Name of Owner

    Australia     Toy Poodle       SmashJP Three Belle    Cheryl Lecourt
                                   Jackpot (imp Jap)

    China         Toy Poodle       Aicco                  Fengmei Hao

    India         German Shepherd  Bob von der            Dhiraj Raj Deb

    Japan         Toy Poodle       Smash JP Talk About    Mamoru Oyama

    New Zealand   Hungarian Puli   Bokar Geez Louis       Sue Huebner and
                                                          Kathryn Stewart

    Philippines   Beagle           Orobay Back to         Ian Mak
                                   Reality (Aust)         Natividad/Frank
                                                          Lao/Jermyn Tan

    South Korea   Maltese          Hidden Valley F        Youn-Jung Lee

    Taiwan        Toy Poodle       Nacko Of Snow          Yuh-Shan Song
                                   Castle Kennel

    Thailand      American         Jack Junior            Kriangsa Europapat
                  Staffordshire    Doggyworld's Apple

SOURCE American Kennel Club

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