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The National Infantry Museum Unveils Body Sculptures

December 11, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the National Infantry
Foundation will unveil a sample of its 50 life size sculptures at Brooklyn’s
StudioEIS, who for more than 30 years has been creating figures for museums
around the world. These life-like figures will soon be placed in the new
National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, scheduled to open March 20, 2009
in Columbus, Georgia.

Each of the museum’s 50 life size sculptures is modeled after U.S. Army
Soldiers who each had to go through a three-hour-long casting process. “The
casting experience was awesome,” said Capt. Matthew Makaryk. “The crew that
did it was absolutely outstanding.”

After the casts are removed, the pieces are assembled, sculpted, and
painted. The figures are then dressed in costumes, which are impregnated with
foam, given weapons, and treated with a resin coating. Thirty-eight of the
body sculptures appear as Infantrymen, while 12 of the sculptures, which are
dressed in original, artifact costumes, represent other historic figures. “As
a former history teacher and now as an Infantryman I am impressed with the
great lengths the foundation is going to portray accurate historical details,”
said Capt. Robert Peterson.

The 200-acre National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center site includes a
parade field, a memorial walk of honor, and an authentic World War II Company
Street. Inside the museum are galleries chock full of engaging exhibits with
themes highlighting Infantry experiences in military training, Medal of Honor
recipients, the OCS training experience, the contributions of Rangers and
more. In addition, the museum’s 300-seat IMAX Theater will bring giant screen
movies to the Columbus, GA region for the first time.

Opening in March 2009, the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at
Patriot Park, a 200-acre tract linking Columbus, Georgia, and Fort Benning,
the Home of the Infantry, is the first world-class site to pay tribute to the
U.S. Army Infantryman and those who fight alongside him. As the only
interactive Army Museum in the U.S., the museum showcases the contributions of
the Infantry Soldier in every war fought by the U.S. by offering immersive
participation and engaging visitors in the unique experiences of the Infantry
Soldier. The complex also includes the parade field, memorial walk of honor,
authentic World War II Company Street and 3-D IMAX Theatre. For more
information, visit http://www.nationalinfantrymuseum.com.

SOURCE National Infantry Foundation

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