December 13, 2008

Iran lashes out against ‘The Wrestler’

The upcoming U.S. movie The Wrestler contains questionable material about Iran through its use of a character dubbed the Ayatollah, Iranian media say.

Media sources in Iran have criticized the newest movie from director Darren Aronofsky for featuring the Ayatollah wrestling character and the Iranian flag, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

In the film, the Ayatollah uses an Iranian flag to attack the movie's protagonist, Randy 'the Ram' Robinson, in a wrestling match. Robinson, played by actor Mickey Rourke, is then shown breaking the flag and throwing it to audience members.

Unidentified Iranian Web sites and newspapers allege the movie represents the most recent example of negative Hollywood depictions of Iran.

The Wrestler follows Robinson, a washed-up former professional wrestler, as he attempts to mount a comeback while dealing with personal issues.

The British newspaper said Iran previously targeted Hollywood last year over the movie 300, contending its take on the historic Battle of Thermopylae of being anti-Iranian in nature