December 16, 2008

‘Pulp’ scribe charged in fatal crash

Roger Avary, the man who co-wrote Pulp Fiction, has been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter in a Jan. 13 car crash in Ojai, Calif.

The 43-year-old screenwriter, who also penned the film Beowulf, is accused of driving drunk when he crashed his Mercedes sedan into a telephone pole, seriously injuring his wife Gretchen and killing his 34-year-old passenger Andreas Zini, an Italian newlywed who was visiting the Avarys with his bride while on their honeymoon. Zini's wife Maria was not in the vehicle at the time of the wreck. Avary's wife has since recovered from her injuries.

The Los Angeles Times said Avary recently pleaded not guilty in a Ventura courthouse to manslaughter and two felony counts of causing bodily injury while intoxicated -- charges stemming from the fatal, late-night collision. He is out on bail while he awaits trial.

Avary's lawyer Mark Werksman said his client remains distraught over the incident and hopes to resolve the case quickly.

The Times said a pretrial conference has been scheduled for Feb. 20.

Avary and Quentin Tarantino won the Oscar for best screenplay for Pulp Fiction.