KIRN Radio Iran and the U.S. Iranian American Community in Southern California

December 16, 2008

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ — The 2003 MIT (Massachusetts Institute
of Technology Iranian Studies Group Research Team) research estimated; the
population of the US Iranian/Americans in the southern California, from San
up to Santa Barbara to be at 600,000. Currently in 2008, this number has
approximately increased to over 1,000,000.

According to the latest 2005-2007 American Community Survey (ACS), U.S.
Census Bureau, although considering the Iranian/American population as the
“some other race” category in the city of Los Angeles, this population has
been estimated at 1,029,929 with a +/-15,450 margin of error.

Radio Iran 670AM KIRN is a famous radio station in Los Angeles that caters
to this outstanding community of Iranian/Americans. They have been on the Air
for almost a decade and streaming on the net since 2000. Over the years, this
radio station has introduced many of the remarkable and popular personalities
to the communities. This radio station is the bridge that has linked the
entire Iranian/American population in Southern California. In addition, Radio
Iran 670AM KIRN has also developed into a powerful advertising and promotional
tool for all of the business men and women in the Iranian/American community.

Siamak Kalhor is an example of how this radio created a phenomenon in the
world of Iranian broadcasting. Siamak Kalhor occupies a unique niche in
technology and internet wide enough to accommodate a million listeners.
Siamak’s one-of-a-kind charm, wisdom, and knowledge have swept the national
U.S. Iranian/American communities in a very short time. Within four short
years he has shared the top ranking position in popularity with Dr. Holakoui;
a family relation advisor in the radio. It has been estimated that more than a
million people listen to them on Air and on the net. Dr. Holakoui has
established a lively and provocative daily forum for the discussion of morals,
ethics, and values in everyday behavior and circumstances.

     670 AM KIRN Radio Iran -- Los Angeles
     3301 Barham Blvd.
     Los Angeles, CA 90068


     KIRN (323) 851-5476
     Studio (323) 520-5476
     Fax (323) 512-7452

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