December 20, 2008

GSN reviving ‘The Newlywed Game’

The once popular U.S. TV game show The Newlywed Game will soon breathe new life on the Game Show Network, a producer says.

Michael Davies will be the executive producer for the incarnation of the marriage-based series. The TV official says the new version will embrace social changes since the series last aired, The Hollywood Reporter said Friday.

Marriage has changed over the years -- what couples talk about, what they fight about, Davies said. So there will be a lot of updating just by the fact of our casting. In doing presentations, it's become clear to us that wives today are far more vocal than in the previous episodes. There's just a lot of guys looking concerned that they're about to get in trouble -- and usually they do. It's thoroughly entertaining.

Newlywed first aired in 1966 with host Bob Eubanks, but underwent numerous host and format changes over the years. The last incarnation of the series went off the air in 2000.

Davies told the Reporter he is hoping to find former contestants from the original show to appear on the new GSN series against a fresh batch of newlyweds.

The network has ordered 40 episodes. The host has not yet been announced.