December 26, 2008

Prince William to shave off popular beard

Britain's Prince William says he plans to shave off his beard, even though a group of female admirers insist they love his new look, The Sun said.

The newspaper said the 26-year-old royal caused a buzz when he was seen sporting the facial hair in public for the first time at a Christmas Day church service.

A 75-year-old woman said she told the prince loved his beard, but he didn't seem as fond of it.

He stroked his chin, felt his beard and said: 'Not very good. It's coming off,' Mary Relph told The Sun.

Debbie Bartlett was one of 2,000 people who waited to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family outside St. Mary Magdalene church on the Queen's estate in Sandringham.

I've wanted to kiss William for 19 years. Every year, I ask him for a kiss for Christmas when they leave church, Bartlett told the newspaper. I've never managed to get one before. He has always blushed and refused. Once he said, 'Next year, I promise.' Today, I called out to William, 'Where's my Christmas kiss?' He looked at me and said, 'Oh, go on then -- but just one kiss.' He put his cheek next to mine and I kissed him right on his beard. It was lovely. So soft, not scratchy. He must have put conditioner on it. I can't stop shaking, I'm so excited.