December 27, 2008

Iowa museums aim to protect art works

Additional steps will be taken to better protect valuable artwork being kept at temporary galleries in Iowa following last summer's floods, an official says.

Czech & Slovak Museum President Gail Naughton said in the wake of more than $15 million in damage to the collections at four eastern Iowa museums hit by flooding in June, provisions are now in place to prevent further damage at the replacement sites, The Des Moines (Iowa) Register reported Saturday.

Naughton's museum in Cedar Rapids alone sustained $9 million in damage. The museum official told the Register that nearly 25 percent of the site's 9,000 artifacts and 30,000 library items were damaged.

As a response to the flooding, temporary art galleries will be created at an annex of the museum, as well as at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.

The Register said among the provisions to be added are the use of back-flow prevention valves to limit problems with the sewer system during heavy rains.