December 28, 2008

Organizers say rain won’t stop Rose Parade

The organizers of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., say even heavy rains will not stop the annual New Year's Day event from taking place.

Parade operations Chairman Lance Tibbet said precautions were being taken to ensure the parade's 46 floats can survive rainfall similar to the storm that plagued the event three years ago, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

We do it rain or shine, Tibbet said. Preparation-wise, other than maybe changing some venues for outdoor events, the parade goes forward as planned.

A spokesman for Phoenix Decorating Co., which is creating 19 of the event's commercial floats, said the 2006 Rose Parade showed exactly how harmful heavy rainfall can be.

While rainfall weighed down floats and washed away flowers three years ago, spokesman Larry Palmer told the Times that parade organizers have since made wise alterations to minimize such problems.

We glue the flowers on and make sure they can function throughout the parade. It's a little more trying if it's wet, but (what happened) three years ago proved to us that our floats will function in a downpour, Palmer said.