January 3, 2009

Gaza cease-fire growing focus for stars

A growing number of celebrities say Israel should stop all military action in the Gaza Strip immediately.

Scottish singer Annie Lennox and English comedian Alexei Sayle are among the high-profile entertainers speaking out against Israel's bombing of the troubled Middle East region, the BBC reported Friday.

With the bombings being blamed for more than 400 deaths in the Gaza Strip, Lennox has called for peace negotiations to end the bloodshed.

It's a question of human rights, human values that goes beyond Jewish, Muslim, nothing to do with any of that, the former Eurythmics star said at a recent London news conference. There has to be a place, ultimately, where people come to the table.

Sayle, meanwhile, has called on members of the world's Jewish community to condemn the actions to ensure blame does not fall on the religious group.

The BBC said other famous people opposing the Middle East conflict include former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and activist Bianca Jagger, ex-wife of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.