January 4, 2009

Sales for Sundance Film Festival under way

Fans of the Sundance Film Festival say they have taken advantage of the Utah event's new sales method to buy some of the first tickets offered.

Utah resident Shannon Mussett was one of nearly 3,500 people who signed up for a ticket-buying time slot online as part of the annual event's new sales system, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Saturday.

Area residents were allowed to reserve a time slot for the weekend through an online service. During that specific time slot, they could arrive at a Sundance ticket location to purchase individual tickets. In previous years, people had to camp out to be assured they could buy tickets in person.

For Mussett, buying a ticket Saturday to the festival that begins Jan. 15 means she gets to enjoy one of her state's best attractions.

It's the greatest cultural thing Utah has to offer, the Utah Valley University professor said. It's one of these moments where you feel Utah is the best state.

Festival fan Jason Williams said he actually missed sleeping overnight at festival ticket booths when compared with the new reservation system.

It was actually a little easier, he told the Tribune. We'd come down and sleep the night before at Trolley Square.