‘Revelations’ by Harold W.G. Allen: A Revolutionary Treatise Involving the Demise of Big Bang Cosmology

January 7, 2009

Book addresses evolution and cosmic reincarnation, biblical literature in light of modern scholarship, social and economic issues

SPRING HILL, Fla., Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ — This new book is destined to inspire profound thought among scientists and laymen alike. A truly revolutionary work, “Revelations” is centered upon such fundamental issues as evolution and reincarnation – with emphasis upon the purpose behind creation – and should interest many readers. Of headline importance, this book will be seen to positively rule out the popular Big Bang model of creation!

Topics in the scientific portion of this book include an informative discourse on astronomy and physics, along with discussion of how biological evolution may be integrated with the principle of spiritual immortality. (Where, for instance, can one draw a line as to when emerging man is capable of rebirth – to the exclusion of other evolving life forms?) Inherent in a solution is the principle of COSMIC REINCARNATION – linking all of creation!

Regrettably, an incredible degree of prejudice exists today in cosmological research, with strong overtones extending into astronomy and physics. (Researchers opposing Big Bang cosmology are frequently ostracized and refused publication.) An example of this bias would be the author’s own experience. During his student days his thesis, “A Revised Concept of Radiation Propagation,” was rejected because it contradicted certain aspects of relativity. Yet his very formula – extending the “Law of Addition of Speeds” to radiation – is now used rather surreptitiously in an attempt to explain how one is able to view celestial objects receding at speeds apparently faster than light!

This reluctance to consider legitimate evidence still plagues the scientific community, and has served to cloud cosmological research by upholding a false model of creation. It is here where an unprecedented opportunity exists for an astute media specialist to rectify a grave injustice. There is urgent need to publicize not only crushing new evidence against the Big Bang, but to present a highly promising replacement cosmology featuring an Eternal Universe.

The next part of “Revelations” deals with issues relating to biblical literature. The author reveals that such writings were often intended to convey a spiritual lesson – by means of symbolism – rather than to receive a mere literal interpretation. Also featured is an informative chapter regarding evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Yet another revelation involves the recent discovery of what is almost certainly the “Jesus family tomb.” Together, the evidence is overwhelmingly against the teachings of orthodox theology!

The final part of “Revelations” is focused upon the social order. Suggestions are made to eliminate the specter of injustice and the great disparity of wealth which currently exists. A completely reformed “United Nations” is proposed – one capable of ensuring world peace and prosperity.

    Hardcover, 6" x 9", 320 pages, illustrated
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