January 11, 2009

Obama a questionable comedy target

At least one stand-up comic says she is not afraid to mock U.S. President-elect Barack Obama during an upcoming comedy event in Miami Beach, Fla.

Lisa Lampanelli said while most TV comedy writers appear hesitant to poke fun at the incoming head of state, she and her fellow stand-up comedians are fully prepared to dish Obama dirt at the South Beach Comedy Festival this month, The Miami Herald reported Sunday.

''Those TV writers have to worry about ratings. They don't like boos or groans from the audience. We thrive off of it,'' she said, referring to recent reports of top TV writers avoiding on-air Obama jokes.

''I'm not scared to make fun of anything. And I don't think any comic should be."

Lampanelli, who offers a comic take on Obama in her HBO special Long Live the Queen, is to perform during the Miami Beach festival, which takes place Jan. 21-24.

Comedy Central Director of Talent JoAnn Grigioni suggested to the Herald that some comedians' hesitancy to target Obama is due to the Democrat's lack of overly apparent flaws.