January 11, 2009

’24’ producer hints at end of series

Howard Gordon, executive producer of the popular U.S. TV series 24, says the show could be off the air after two more seasons.

Gordon said the seventh season of 24 that kicks off Sunday has been the most difficult to make, leading to speculation that the Fox series may call it quits after an anticipated eighth season, Newsday reported.

I take it one hour at a time. The important thing is to find the right end to the show. Kiefer feels this way (too) and it's entirely possible the eighth year will be the last year, Gordon said, referring to 24 star Kiefer Sutherland.

Gordon said while the series has come under fire for the use of torture by Sutherland's lead character, Jack Bauer, the show will be able to continue if audiences can continue to relate to Bauer.

As long as Jack can find a foothold to his humanity, or find someone or something to care about, then the show can go on, Gordon told Newsday, but that becomes harder and harder to find.