January 11, 2009

Lumley film to highlight pig mistreatment

British actress Joanna Lumley says she re-enacts the alleged mistreatment of pigs on European farms in a forthcoming documentary.

Lumley said in the Jamie Saving Our Bacon documentary she will be penned inside a steel cage typically reserved for pregnant sows in an attempt to draw attention to the allegedly horrendous conditions on pig farms throughout Europe, The Sunday Times of London reported.

The conditions they face are both physically and psychologically harrowing, Lumley tells TV celebrity chef Jamie Oliver in the film.

The documentary by Oliver will air on Channel 4 this month and Lumley is hopeful it will help bring attention to conditions in which nearly 160 million pigs could be facing in Europe each year.

I urge people to shop more compassionately and to find out how their meat is produced, Lumley said.

The Times said Oliver previously targeted alleged mistreatment at battery chicken farms with a 2008 documentary.