January 11, 2009

James says Sandler was vital to ‘Mall Cop’

Actor Kevin James says fellow comedian Adam Sandler was a vital part in creating the new U.S. big-screen comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

James, known best for his lead role on the TV series The King of Queens, said Sandler was actively involved in several different aspects of the movie's production though his Happy Madison production company, the New York Post reported Sunday.

He helped get it made and helped produce it every step of the way, James said of Sandler. He not only helped with the comedy but with the heart and also the music.

James, who plays a mall security officer forced to overcome a hostage situation, said the worst part of filming the Hollywood work in a shopping mall was being forced to shop incessantly with his wife.

The worst part about it was, my wife was with me for a long time with nothing to do but shop. I was like, 'Please. Get out of here. Go home.' Now I have a golf-ball finder/tie/desk organizer from the Sharper Image. With a compass, James told the Post.