iParadigms Adds eReference Encyclopedias from SAGE Publications to Its Billions of Pages of Digital Content

January 12, 2009

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — iParadigms(R), LLC, the leader in
textual intellectual property protection, announced today that it has added
SAGE eReference encyclopedias to its vast databases of billions of pages of
live and archived web content. SAGE Publications is an independent,
international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media.

Growing at a rate of 20 million pages a day, the iParadigms databases
enable its award-winning, web-based plagiarism prevention services,
iThenticate(R) and Turnitin(R), to rapidly check information for originality
against an unprecedented volume of public and proprietary information.
iThenticate(R) is a business solution for checking the originality of
commercial and professional documents and manuscripts; Turnitin(R) is the
leading originality checking and plagiarism prevention service for education.

SAGE eReference publishes encyclopedias that cover a wide range of subject
areas including business, humanities, medicine, law, social sciences and
technology. Since 1965, SAGE Publications has helped to inform and educate a
global community of scholars, practitioners, researchers and students. Today
this award-winning publisher joins an esteemed group of library database
providers and the CrossRef publishing consortium working with iParadigms. In
addition to the SAGE eReference content, iParadigms services check documents
for matches to proprietary content that includes:

    -- 60 million articles from one of the most comprehensive and most widely
       used periodical databases encompassing more than 11,000 titles of
       periodicals and publications with backfile coverage from 1980 -- from
       mainstream to specialized sources on virtually every popular, academic,
       business and professional topic.

    -- Nearly 7 million articles from members of CrossRef (an independent
       association founded and directed by publishers) including Elsevier,
       Wiley-Blackwell, Informa UK Ltd, Nature Publishing Group, Oxford
       University Press (OUP), American Institute of Physics, Institute of
       Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American Association for the
       Advancement of Science AAAS (Science), Association for Computing
       Machinery (ACM), Cambridge University Press (CUP), BMJ Publishing Group
       (British Medical Journal), New England Journal of Medicine, the
       American Academy of Pediatrics, American Society of Plant Biologists,
       Ammons Scientific, American Journal of Neuroradiology, International
       Union of Crystallography, European Respiratory Society and others. New
       content is being added as additional CrossRef members join the
       initiative to assure their content's originality.

    -- Over 137,000 documents and articles from Acumen PI Coursework.info, the
       United Kingdom's leading provider of high school and college level
       coursework materials across academic disciplines.

    -- Over 80,000 documents and articles from ABC-Clio, a privately held
       publisher of history and social studies resources for the scholar,
       student, teacher and librarian in universities and secondary schools.

    -- Over 65,000 documents and articles from the Emerald Group, LLC, the
       leading international publisher of academic and professional literature
       in the field of management and library, and information services.

About iParadigms, LLC

iParadigms, LLC is the leader in textual intellectual property protection
and a pioneer of web-based services for collaborative, online educational
support. The company is at the forefront of using technology to increase
awareness of best practices relating to the use of other people’s textual
content. Its web-based services include iThenticate, a business solution for
checking the originality of documents and manuscripts; Turnitin(R), the
leading originality checking and plagiarism prevention service for education;
and WriteCycle(TM), a 100-percent digital solution that integrates the
Turnitin originality checking and plagiarism prevention service with the
entire process of providing feedback and grading on student papers.

Turnitin is a registered trademark and iThenticate and WriteCycle are
trademarks of iParadigms LLC.

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     Katie Povejsil
     Vice President of Marketing
     Phone:  510-287-9720 x 287
     Email: kpovejsil@turnitin.com

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