June 28, 2005

Moscow added to Live 8 concert lineup

LONDON (Reuters) - Moscow has been added to the lineup ofLive 8 concerts on July 2 which aim to put pressure on worldleaders meeting the following week to do more to alleviateextreme poverty.

Live 8 coordinator Richard Curtis said on Friday he was"pretty confident" that Moscow would be added to the eight mainconcerts, and on Tuesday morning the Red Square gig was on theofficial Web site.

The site, www.live8live.com, now features 10 concerts onJuly 2; one in each of the G8 industrialized nations, one inSouth Africa and one smaller gig at the Eden Project insouthwest England that will feature African bands.

Another event is scheduled for Scotland on July 6.

"It's terribly important that we represent each of the G8nations," Curtis said of the Moscow concert, which willheadline British band Pet Shop Boys and feature several Russianacts.

Irish rocker Bob Geldof, who has masterminded what could bethe biggest pop music event in history, wants the concerts todraw attention to the world's poor, particularly in Africa.

He is hoping that G8 leaders meeting in Scotland on July6-8 will be forced to sit up and take notice that poverty is anissue their voters care about.

The concerts will kick off in Tokyo in the east and end inPhiladelphia and near Toronto in the west, taking inJohannesburg, Paris, Berlin, Rome, London and Moscow on theway.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected at theconcerts themselves, with a potential audience of billions morethrough television, news broadcasts and the Internet.

The Live Aid concerts organized by Geldof 20 years ago toraise money for Ethiopia's starving had an estimated globalaudience of 1.5 billion people.