Fylmar Productions to Release Their Latest Feature Film ‘PAID’ Through Vivendi/Universal Entertainment on February 17th, 2009

January 13, 2009

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Executive producers Franco Sama and Jordan Yale Levine announced today that they have secured the domestic (United States and Canada) release of their latest pic, “PAID,” in an agreement recently inked between New York based independent film distribution company, Lightyear Entertainment, and the International Media conglomerate, Vivendi/Universal; the film will be released on February 17th, 2009.

According to the film’s Dutch director, Laurence Lamers, “Paid is a film noir in the tradition of the French gangster movie.” The film stars the incomparable Tom Conti (Saving Grace, Shirley Valentine), French actor Guy Marchand, American luminary Corbin Bernsen (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, L.A. Law) and boasts compelling performances by Brazilian heart-throb Murilo Benicio and newcomer, Anne Charrier.

PAID is a story about underworld characters that have come to regret the choices they have made and now secretly long for a different and more meaningful life. It is also a love story between Paula Gireaux, a 28-year-old Parisian call girl working in Amsterdam and a hit man, Michel Angelo, whose hearts are touched when a six-year-old Bolivian boy abruptly enters their lives. The boy changes their fate. But, at the moment Paula and Michel decide to escape the underworld, Paula realizes that her hands are tied to a paid deal she has made with a powerful English narcotics baron, Rudi Dancer. The enticing offer turns into the demon that stands in the way of her future with Michel. Eventually, Michel and Paula find their way to freedom but not without paying a very high price.

This intriguing film is well directed and accurately reflects the profoundly complex underground culture of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the location where the film is set and shot.

“We are proud to have played our part in bringing this entertaining crime thriller to the masses and to have had the privilege of releasing it through one of the most prominent film distribution companies in the world, Vivendi/Universal,” says executive producer Franco Sama.

The executive producers are expecting the entertainment industry’s finest actors, executives and producers at the red carpet release party currently scheduled to take place on the film’s release date. Based on executive producer Jordan Yale Levine’s recent comment that “Although this marks the seventh film for us as executive producers, it’s really just the beginning,” it seems that Levine is already looking to the future, one that appears to be as bright as the beacon that guides him.

Speaking of the future, Sama and Levine are also executive producing “SHIFTER,” a fantasy-thriller starring Michael Madsen, Amber Benson, Taryn Manning, Bai Ling and Tommy “Tiny” Lister. Shifter is being produced by Patrick Durham and is slated to begin principal photography in March 2009.

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