SpiriText and America’s Mobile Prayer Network Launches ‘FREE’ Consumer Driven Mobile Prayer Network

January 14, 2009

Launches Partnership during the Week of Historical Presidential Inauguration

HOUSTON, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — SpiriText(TM) and America’s Mobile Prayer Network have joined forces to create the first of its kind a FREE TEXT PRAYER initiative that allows individuals at anytime to text a prayer request from anywhere. The MyPrayer Initiative is a year-round engagement strategy that is designed to inspire and connect individuals of any spiritual background and or community through technology (texting and online community) and prayer. The two companies recognize the importance and crucial role that social media now plays in the lives of individuals and their desire to use technology to spiritually connect with family, friends, colleagues and love ones. As this country prepares for one of the most memorable and historic events, Martin Luther King Holiday Celebration and the 44th Presidential Inauguration, the MyPrayer Initiative invites Americans to start texting now your prayers for the 44th President, your family, finances, the economy, unemployment, homelessness, addictions, etc.

“We are experiencing something very unprecedented in this country, Americans and people from across the world want to offer their prayer to Barack Obama for a successful presidency,” said Melvin Young, interim Chief Marketing Officer, SpiriText. “We see this as a groundbreaking opportunity to engage individuals to spiritually connect and seek prayer at anytime, anywhere. Technology has the power to mobilize and help us to reach people’s hearts and minds. We are proud to partner with America’s Mobile Prayer Network and are committed to working with them in building a unique platform where prayer meets technology.”

America’s Mobile Prayer Network will donate its time, services and spiritual advisors to fulfill prayer request, text alerts and other spiritual online experiences.

“We are proud to partner with SpiritText and honored to work with them in helping us facilitate prayer to individuals across this country, no matter who you are ,” said Dr. Ed Montgomery, Spiritual Life Builder and Advisor for America’s Mobile Prayer Network. “In working with SpiriText, America’s Mobile Prayer Network can bring “prayer is just a text away” to a reality and inspire individuals to personally seek their own prayer and or pray for others.”


America’s Mobile Prayer Network will start praying for these requests within seconds. They will text back to let you know when they start praying for you. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere THOUSANDS of people across this country have prayed for you.


Text the word PRAY to the number 74029. After you typed the word PRAY, you can actually keep typing more words, a name, a prayer request, or prayer for President-elect Barack Obama and his family. You MUST type the word PRAY first before you text any other words. It is FREE.


Based in Houston, Texas, SpiriText offers an enterprise class mobile marketing application and customized solutions to meet client needs. Our business is simple – we help organizations of any size increase the effectiveness of their advertising, marketing, PR and CRM campaigns utilizing text messaging and other mobile capabilities. SpiriText has carrier relationships with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. For more information about SpiriText, please visit www.spiritext.com

American’s Mobile Prayer Network

America’s Mobile Prayer Network (AMPN) is a consortium of spiritual advisors from across the country. Our goal at AMPN is to inspire and encourage individuals to pray and to personalize their prayer to meet their needs. Our programs include prayer request text messages, alerts and other social media programs customized to meet individual and community needs. We believe no matter your faith, religion or belief, prayer is for everyone and connects us all.

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