January 23, 2009

Wyle confirms Clooney’s ‘ER’ return

Noah Wyle has confirmed his former ER co-star George Clooney will again be seen on the U.S. television series before the 15th and final season wraps.

Wyle and Clooney were original cast members on the medical drama, which began in 1994. Wyle stayed until 2005 and Clooney left in 1999.

I think it's great! Wyle told Usmagazine.com when asked about Clooney's rumored plan to make an appearance on ER before it ends. I was on board early because I left a balance of episodes on my last contract, so I knew I would be part of the finale. It wasn't like pulling teeth.

Wyle said the show's producers have been trying to get many past cast members to come back at some point in ER's last season.

There were interesting conversations to try and figure out where everyone was and how they felt about coming back and doing the final few episodes, Wyle added. I think ultimately everyone is really excited and eager to have a sense of closure to what's been the most defining jobs of all of our lives.

The series finale of ER is slated to air April 2 on NBC.