January 24, 2009

Report: Prince Harry, girlfriend split

Chelsy Davis has changed her status on her Facebook page and friends say that signals the end of her five-year relationship with Prince Harry of Britain.

The break-up appears to be more serious than others in the couple's past, The Daily Mail reported.

Chelsy has told us it's over and it looks to be permanent because the last time they split, Chelsy never changed her Facebook status, a source told the newspaper. This time she has made a point of doing so.

The Mail's sources blamed the stress of Harry's military career. Another tabloid, The Daily Star, said Davis had decided she did not want the strain of royal status.

Both said their sources described the break-up as friendly.

Davis, a law student in England, comes from Zimbabwe. The prince recently joined her family for a vacation in Mauritius.

Harry, the younger son of the heir to the British throne and a lieutenant in the Household Cavalry, is about to start a grueling 18-month training course in the Army Air Corps.

He recently endured a wave of bad publicity and had to apologize after someone leaked a video he made in 2006, in which he used the offensive word Paki to refer to a friend of his, and spoke mockingly about his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, as he pretended to speak on the telephone with his great-grandmother, who had died four years earlier.