January 25, 2009

Great Lakes a winter surfing locale

Surfers willing to dare the chilly waters of the Great Lakes in the dead of winter say they offer an exciting, albeit cold, surfing opportunity.

Minneapolis graphic designer Bob Tema said Lake Superior offers a rare mid-winter surfing opportunity for him and his fellow Superior Surf Club members, The New York Times reported Friday.

There is a spirit of adventure here, he said.

Lake Superior's waves lure hardy surfers each winter even in snow storms.

But those willing to seek out waves in Superior or other Great Lakes like Lake Michigan typically embrace additional precautions when taking to the frigid waters.

Thick wet suits complete with gloves and booties can be commonplace and some surfers even smear petroleum jelly on their bodies to stay warm.

Nonetheless, Rob Strom of Twig, Minn., insists the cold eventually cannot be ignored.

The suit does its job, but my hands are cold, he told the Times following a recent surfing jaunt.