‘All the Little Children’: One Man’s Return Home to Prove Being a Gay Christian is Not an Oxymoron

January 29, 2009

RIALTO, Calif., Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ — As Robert Morrison’s mother Ester was wheeled out of surgery and into the recovery room he had a hard decision to make. Should he place her into a nursing home to recover on her own and return back to Los Angeles to live the life he knew for the past 30 years? Or should he stay by the bedside of the only true best friend he had ever known?

J. Kelly Poorman is proud to introduce his new release, “All the Little Children” (published by iUniverse), the book and play in the same volume which follows the life of one man’s return to his small college hometown where not much has changed since he left it almost three decades ago. Still referred to as “Little Robbie Morrison” by many of the same parishioners he had known while growing up, Robert has a lot of acceptance to gain upon his return as an openly gay male to his congregation. What happens next begins a series of events that take place at church that would drive Robert to talk more openly about his sexuality and his relationship with God, creating a solid case for all who share in his determination to continue to follow God even if it is not what society and the church wants them to do.

               "What would you say God is all about?" asked Robert. After a
               second Amy answered, "To me, God is love." "Right." "What is
               not God? Hate, right?" "I would say so." "Anything in between?"
               "No." Robert put his arm around Amy's shoulders. "That's what I
               feel God tells us about gays in church. Jesus said in the
               bible, 'Let all the little children come to me' not all the
               straight white male children. In first Corinthians 12:12-26,
               Paul talks about everyone being part of the body of Christ. I
               love that passage."

Originally written as a play, “All the Little Children” takes on the often uncomfortable and highly criticized subject of homosexuality and faith, illustrating the struggle many have trying to balance their personal life with their faith life beautifully through several personal encounters he has with members of his congregation including his pastor.

You may read the book by J. Kelly Poorman but he encourages you to stage the play to show your community the true meaning of Jesus saying, “Let all the little children come to me.”

About the Author

J. Kelly Poorman lives and works as a taxi cab driver in a small college town that closely resembles the one talked about in his story. Inspired by newspaper headlines and other readings, Poorman enjoys writing about what he knows and has experienced. Poorman is also the author of “Roman and Jules,” an age-old story set in the background of gay rodeo as well as “The Long Pink Line,” a story about the first female vice president and an assassination attempt on her life while she’s in a rose parade.

All the Little Children is available at: www.iUniverse.com, www.bn.com, and www.amazon.com

ISBN: 9780595529865 – 6 x 9 – Paperback – 208 pages – $14.95

ISBN: 9780595517329 – 6 x 9 – Hardcover – 208 pages – $24.95

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