February 1, 2009

NBC sells all Super Bowl advertising space

All of the commercial space during Sunday's Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla., has been sold by NBC, the U.S. TV network says.

An NBC news release said Saturday the final sales tally for all of the game advertising space was $206 million, a record for a Super Bowl airing.

NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker said with the record sales total, NBC's total revenue for Sunday's NFL championship day would be $261 million.

These advertising milestones show the power of the NFL brand and the strength of the Super Bowl as a TV property in this economic climate, Zucker said. The Super Bowl has become one of our country's biggest holidays, a uniquely American day, and advertisers recognized the value in being a part of it, as their commercials are nearly as big a part of the day as the football itself.

Super Bowl XLIII commercials will be focused on various categories as 32 advertisers purchased time during Sunday's game, NBC said.