February 1, 2009

Prosecutors defend Snipes jail sentence

Federal prosecutors say the three-year jail sentence given to U.S. film star Wesley Snipes was fair given his disregard for tax laws.

The unidentified prosecutors were responding to an appeal by the star of the Blade film trilogy to have his convictions on tax charges thrown out, the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel said Sunday.

Snipes has asked an Atlanta federal appeals court to take action in his case, which ended a year ago with a conviction of Snipes of charges he filed false tax returns.

While Snipes was convicted on the three misdemeanor charges, the actor was acquitted on more serious felony charges of attempted conspiracy to defraud in regards to his Internal Revenue Service filings.

The Sentinel said attorneys Peter Goldberger and Daniel Meachum, who represent Snipes, have also criticized the fact their client received the maximum jail sentence for his convictions.