In Times of Recession, it Pays to Invest in Yourself!

February 2, 2009

OXFORD, England, February 2 /PRNewswire/ — During recent months, the
major Business and Law Schools in the UK have seen an upsurge in graduates
applying for relevant Masters or career conversion programmes, hedging their
bets that a further two years of investment in pursuing a legal education or
an MBA will enable them to ride out this economic downturn immersed in
learning. This makes both financial and economic sense for those that can
afford it, as career uncertainty in traditional industries such as banking
means that many are reassessing their futures. Additionally, for those that
have been working for some time and perhaps have cleared debts from previous
programmes of study, may well find that investing their redundancy payment in
further studies, rather than perhaps starting their own businesses (which has
been the trend recently), is the better option.

Oxford College of Marketing has seen an upsurge in graduates applying for
relevant Chartered Institute Professional marketing courses. In fact
enrolments have increased by 25% when compared to last year. As Rosie Phipps (Principal of Oxford College of Marketing) says, “Vocational qualifications
that easily transfer into the workplace are the differentiator that
prospective employers are looking for, and the Chartered Institute of
Marketing qualifications are designed to make people effective in the

Comparing the last major economic downturn of 20 years ago to now, the
fundamental difference is that the business world is now flooded with well
qualified young adults. A degree no longer guarantees the attractive career
path it once did. In the present economic climate, educated job seekers have
to find new ways of clinching the best opportunities, and are increasingly
opting for more innovative was of gaining the attention of prospective

For those working in the area of marketing, the Chartered Institute of
Marketing (CIM) – the world’s largest professional body for those pursuing
marketing related careers – are encouraging the acquisition of professional
qualifications as economic conditions worsen. CIM’s programmes range from
Introductory Certificate in Marketing and the Professional Certificate status
(for those new to marketing) to that of the Professional Diploma in Marketing
and the Post-Graduate Diploma studies (for experienced marketers or those
holding first degrees in marketing), as well as the opportunity to achieve
Chartered Marketer status.

Recent research for the Institute, undertaken by Croner Reward, has shown
that qualified marketers can earn more than their unqualified or
part-qualified counter-parts. This survey also revealed that professionally
qualified marketing directors earn an average of GBP10,000 more than
part-qualified marketers, whilst professionally qualified marketing officers
can expect to earn in the region of GBP4,000 more than those who are

As competition for the few new jobs currently available in marketing
intensifies and employers become increasingly more selective, those with
professional marketing qualifications will have an advantage over other
applicants, helping them at least to get through to the interview stage of
the recruitment process.

Notes to Editors

About Oxford College of Marketing

Oxford College of Marketing is one of the largest CIM accredited
Marketing Colleges in the UK. With study centres in London, Gatwick, Milton
, Liverpool, Reading, Brighton, Sheffield, and of course Oxford, the
College has been running qualification Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
courses since 1997, with superb student results. The College offers CIM
Introductory Certificate, Professional Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate
Diploma qualifications through a number of study options, including distance
learning, as well as short and one-day marketing courses and tailored
in-house training programmes.

For further information on any CIM training or Oxford College of
Marketing’s one-day marketing courses contact Jane Young, on
+44(0)1865-515255 or janey@oxfordcollegeofmarketing.ac.uk

SOURCE Oxford College of Marketing Ltd

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