Innersope Research Exposes Connection Between National Concerns and Most Engaging Super Bowl Ads

February 3, 2009

Top two ads – CareerBuilder.com, Cash4Gold – reveal emotional focus on jobs, money

NEW YORK, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Innerscope Research, a revolutionary media research firm, exposed a direct relationship between the emotional state of the nation and the ads that proved most emotionally engaging during Super Bowl XLIII.

In what continues to be the only live biometric test of the Super Bowl, Innerscope found that the most emotionally engaging ads were CareerBuilder.com and Cash4Gold — spots that reveal a clear emotional focus on jobs and money. In addition, Innerscope’s fifth-ranked ad, Bud Light’s Meeting, also reflected these uncertain times as employees sit around a room discussing cost cutting measures.

“Your unconscious emotions reveal what your conscious thoughts cannot,” said Dr. Carl Marci, CEO and co-founder of Innerscope Research. “The benefit of biometrics is that we can identify how people truly feel, and the economy is pervasive.”

Using its proprietary technology and analysis, Innerscope monitored all 54 national ads during Sunday’s Super Bowl and found the following to be the most emotionally engaging.

    Innerscope InnerSCORE(TM) Ranking:

    1. CareerBuilder.com -- It's Time
    2. Cash4Gold -- Heeere's Money
    3. Castrol Oil -- Monkeys
    4. GoDaddy.com -- Shower
    5. Bud Light -- Meeting

For more information, visit www.innerscoperesearch.com/superbowl.

Innerscope’s results stand in direct contrast to USA Today’s AdMeter, which had a top five comprised entirely of light comedy and relatable, safe themes — including its first-place Doritos’ Crystal Ball. Those results, which are based on conscious dial testing, seem to reflect how people want to think.

In its 2008 study, Innerscope found that companies still benefit from their Super Bowl ads in the months following the game, but that they were not necessarily those that scored well in most media report cards. Innerscope found that their measures of emotional engagement significantly outperformed USA Today’s AdMeter in predicting online buzz. Similar to last year’s study, Innerscope has three ads in the top ten in common with USA Today’s AdMeter.

Since emotions are the primary driver of behavior, this scientific approach is critical for advertisers seeking to know whether ads — at $3 million for 30 seconds — delivered for their brands.

Innerscope’s study featured 46 culturally diverse participants ages 21-35, who were closely split among Steelers and Cardinals fans and balanced for men and women. Participants wore lightweight, wireless biometric vests that allow for a natural viewing experience. The biometric vests monitor four indicators that form the biological basis of emotion — heart rate, breathing, skin sweat and motion. Monitoring those participants throughout the game generated more than a half billion data points that were analyzed overnight.

About Innerscope Research(TM)

Innerscope Research(TM) is dedicated to solving difficult market research questions by measuring and analyzing subconscious emotional responses to media. With its breakthrough Biometric Monitoring System(TM), Innerscope accurately predicts consumer behaviors, providing Fortune 100 companies with an unprecedented level of consumer insight. Founded by Harvard and MIT scientists, Innerscope leverages the latest advances in biometrics, neuroscience and eye tracking to measure moment-to-moment emotional engagement, the primary driver of behavior and choice. For more information, visit www.innerscope.com

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