HISTORY BOOK CLUB Honors Obama’s Inspiration, Lincoln, and Another Trailblazer, Charles Darwin

February 5, 2009

NEW YORK, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ — This year marks the bicentennial of two men who changed history forever with their ideas about emancipation and evolution. Born only hours and an ocean apart on February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin would become pioneers for change, promoting new and different ways of thinking. Often during his campaign, President Barack Obama made reference to his inspiration, Abraham Lincoln. And as a passionate reader, Obama is keenly aware of the lessons to be learned from history. HISTORY BOOK CLUB is excited to offer three new releases that take a revealing look into the lives and work of both Lincoln and Darwin. Almost two hundred years later, their work is still as relevant and important as the day it was written, continuing to inspire new generations.

ANGELS AND AGES ( Adam Gopnik, Knopf/Random House) proposes that Lincoln and Darwin changed the world through the power of their rhetoric. Their simple but revolutionary ideas, based on the twin foundations of scientific reasoning and democratic politics, helped bring forth our modern society.

This year also marks the 150-year anniversary of Charles Darwin’s world-shattering book on evolution — ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES ( Charles Darwin, Sterling Publishing). This illustrated, newly released edition features Darwin’s personal sketches, letters and diaries. Photographs of his home in England as well as the island and its inhabitants who made him so famous are included throughout his original text.

Barack Obama’s eloquent speeches propelled him into the media spotlight early in his political career. Motivated and inspired by the life story of Abraham Lincoln, it is easy to see Lincoln’s influence throughout Obama’s speeches. IN LINCOLN’S HAND (ed. Harold Holzer & Joshua Wolf Shenk, Bantam Books, Inc) provides an insider view to Lincoln’s writing process. Over forty speeches are included, some following the speech from conception, through editing, up to the final product. Commentaries by such notable figures as John Updike, Sandra Day O’Connor and former President Bill Clinton are provided throughout.

HISTORY BOOK CLUB is proud to offer these great new titles as well as hundreds of others at www.historybookclub.com. Right now you can choose 4 books for $1 each when you join HISTORY BOOK CLUB. Visit www.historybookclub.com for all the details today.

ANGELS AND AGES http://www.historybookclub.com/doc/full_site_enrollment/detail/fse_product_detail.jhtml;?repositoryId=257437B205&_requestid=5043

ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES http://www.historybookclub.com/doc/full_site_enrollment/detail/fse_product_detail.jhtml?repositoryId=556846B205

IN LINCOLN’S HAND http://www.historybookclub.com/doc/full_site_enrollment/detail/fse_product_detail.jhtml;?repositoryId=162517B205&_requestid=5259

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