Photos: Mackay Wilderness River Trips Family Rafting Vacations Get Kids Into the Outdoors

February 6, 2009

OUTDOOR DEFICIT DISORDER (ODD) is a rapidly growing disorder quickly becoming this country’s #1 problem affecting our youth.

BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ – Children today prefer watching TV, playing video games or talking on their cell phones rather than going outdoors and exploring the wonders of nature. This lack of interest and knowledge about our environment has far reaching negative ramifications.

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Mackay Wilderness River Trips has discovered the cure! Mackay is now featuring a weeklong family rafting trip on the famous Salmon River in Idaho. This trip is an incredible outdoor vacation getaway. Our Family Rafting Trips feature the Mackay Kid Wrangler. These trained professionals share their knowledge of the geology, fauna and wildlife of Idaho’s River of No Return Wilderness and the mighty rivers that run through it. Kids enjoy organized activities that keep them engaged with nature for years to come.

Mackay Family Rafting Vacations are 6 days long and trips launch each week beginning in June and running through August.

There are no televisions, video games, cell phones or other electronic devices allowed! There is plenty of rafting, hiking, swimming, camping and exploring. The abundant sunlight, fresh air and crystal clear whitewater will replenish the outdoor vitamin deficiency, put color in the cheeks of your children and a smile on their faces. Your children may even start to talk directly to you without having to text message.

DON’T let your family fall victim to ODD! Spend a week on a Mackay Wilderness River Trips Family Rafting Trip and experience the guaranteed cure for OUTDOOR DEFICIT DISORDER.

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