TiVo’s Stop||Watch(TM) Ratings Service Evaluates Past Success of This Year’s Super Bowl Advertisers

February 12, 2009

ALVISO, Calif., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — TiVo Inc.
(Nasdaq: TIVO), the creator of and a leader in television services and
advertising solutions for digital video recorders (DVRs), today announced the
results of an analysis to determine how the brands behind some of this year’s
most popular Super Bowl commercials fared in 2008.

Todd Juenger, Vice President & General Manager, TiVo Audience Research &
Measurement, said, “Every year there is tremendous focus on the cost and
success of the commercials that air during the Super Bowl. It is the most
watched event on TV, and probably the only program where the commercials
regularly get higher ratings than the game itself. But it is only a once
annual event and, therefore, probably not the best barometer for gauging how a
brand’s message is resonating with viewers. The better question is: how does
the brand do in the everyday television environment? The answer is, no brand,
commercial or campaign is immune to ad skipping — but some get fast-forwarded
much more than others.”

As TiVo reported last week(1), GoDaddy.com earned top billing among all
brands with spots airing during the Super Bowl, due primarily to its placement
late in the fourth quarter when the overall audience was the highest.
However, a look back at 2008 shows that 35% of the ads it aired on cable
during primetime were skipped. Interestingly, among all Super Bowl
advertisers that ran the majority of their ads on broadcast networks last
year, Coca-Cola Classic and Career Builder Online spots were the most
successful in avoiding commercial fast-forwarding, yet still 46% of their
primetime ads on broadcast networks were skipped. Nonetheless, Coca-Cola
Classic still proved to be the Super Bowl advertiser whose commercials were
most consistently immune to ad skipping last year, as the brand topped both
broadcast and cable commercial least fast-forwarded lists. Overall, Denny’s
Restaurant and Diet Pepsi Max ads were the worst primetime broadcast
performers as 65% and 62% of their spots, respectively, were fast-forwarded by
TiVo subscribers. Diet Pepsi Max spots also experienced the highest degree of
ad skipping in primetime cable at 67% along with Anheuser-Bush, the only brand
to place two spots in the Top Ten on Super Bowl Sunday, as 55% of its spots
were fast forwarded last year.

Juenger added, “After the annual one night high of the Super Bowl wears
off, we crash back to the harsh reality of commercial avoidance in the DVR
era. Even the best performing commercials lose roughly 50% of their audience
to fast-forwarding. In the near term, the data is at our fingertips to help
agencies produce more successful commercials and place them in environments
where they will be best received. Additionally, this data allows networks to
construct programming and commercial breaks that retain the most viewers
possible, and provides all parties with precise accountability. Longer term,
new advertising and business models must be developed that underscore the
notion that the consumer is in control and the commercial information and
entertainment that is delivered must grab their attention and entice them to

    Top Super Bowl 2009 Advertisers:
    2008 Commercial Avoidance - Primetime Broadcast**

                                       # Of Broadcast   Timeshifted
                                           Primetime     Commercial
    Brand                                   Spots        Avoidance

    Coca-Cola Classic Soft Drink              123            46%
    CareerBuilder Online                       64            46%
    Monster.com EMP Svc Online                 39            58%
    Diet Pepsi Max Soft Drink                 432            62%
    Denny's Restaurant                        292            65%
    GoDaddy.com Online                          *              *
    Doritos Tortilla Chips                      *              *
    Anheuser-Busch Cos Inc Cp                   *              *

    * Not Measurable: Too few spots

    Top Super Bowl 2009 Advertisers:
    2008 Commercial Avoidance - Primetime Cable**

                                         # Of Cable     Commercial
    Brand                              Primetime Spots   Avoidance

    Coca-Cola Classic Soft Drink             62             32%
    Doritos Tortilla Chips                   83             32%
    GoDaddy.com Online                      270             35%
    Monster.com EMP Svc Online              251             48%
    CareerBuilder Online                    214             52%
    Denny's Restaurant                    1,758             54%
    Anheuser-Busch Cos Inc Cp               133             55%
    Diet Pepsi Max Soft Drink               157             67%

** Networks Considered: A&E, AMC, Animal, BET, Bravo, CNBC, CNN, Comedy,
Court (TruTV), Discovery, E!, ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Family, FNC, Food, FX, HGTV,
Lifetime, MSNBC, MTV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, SciFi, Spike, TBS, TNT, Toon, Toon
Disney, USA, VH1

TiVo also unveiled the Top Ten commercials for December 2008, as viewed by
TiVo(R) service subscribers. As the holidays approached, viewers had their
minds on entertainment and relaxation, evidenced by the fact that seven of the
Top Ten most viewed commercials on a Timeshifted basis were either movie
trailers or pertaining to in-home entertainment. The movie Seven Pounds took
first and second among Timeshifted viewers for trailers that ran two days
apart, on FOX’s Fringe on December 2, and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy on December 4.
The entertainment theme was common among Total viewers as well, as movie
trailers, video rentals, and computer software ads all found their way onto
the Top Ten List.

    Top Commercials December 2008 - Total v. Timeshifted Viewing

    Top Commercials - Total

           Brand                        Program                Date     Rating
    1.     Sony Seven Pounds Movie      Grey's Anatomy - ABC   4 - Dec   14.7
    2.     Citibank Mastercard & Visa   Grey's Anatomy - ABC   4 - Dec   12.4
    3.     Apple Macbook                Grey's Anatomy - ABC   4 - Dec   11.9
    4.     MGM Valkyrie Movie           Grey's Anatomy - ABC   4 - Dec   11.8
    5.     X-Files Fight the Future     Fringe - FOX           2 - Dec   11.2
    6.     Sony Seven Pounds Movie      Fringe - FOX           2 - Dec   11.2
    7.     Apple Macbook                Desperate Housewives   7 - Dec   11.1
                                        - ABC
    8.     Payless Shoesource           Grey's Anatomy - ABC   4 - Dec   11.1
    9.     Microsoft Windows Vista      Desperate Housewives   7 - Dec   11.1
                                        - ABC
    10.    Walt Disney Bedtime Stories  Fringe - FOX           2 - Dec   11.1

    Top Commercials - Timeshifted

           Brand                        Program               Date      Rating
    1.     Sony Seven Pounds Movie      Grey's Anatomy - ABC  4 - Dec    8.5
    2.     Sony Seven Pounds Movie      Fringe - FOX          2 - Dec    7.9
    3.     AT&T Wireless                Fringe - FOX          2 - Dec    7.9
    4.     Walt Disney Bedtime Stories  Fringe - FOX          2 - Dec    7.7
    5.     HBO Cable TV                 Fringe - FOX          2 - Dec    7.7
    6.     X-Files Fight the Future     Fringe - FOX          2 - Dec    7.6
    7.     Dark Knight Video            Fringe - FOX          2 - Dec    7.5
    8.     HBO Cable TV                 House - FOX           9 - Dec    7.4
    9.     Mastercard World Card        HOUSE - FOX           2 - Dec    7.0
    10.    Citibank Mastercard & Visa   Grey's Anatomy - ABC  4 - Dec    6.7

*** Networks Considered: A&E, AMC, Animal, BET, Bravo, CNBC, CNN,
Comedy, Court (TruTV), Discovery, E!, ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Family, FNC, Food, FX,
HGTV, Lifetime, MSNBC, MTV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, SciFi, Spike, TBS, TNT, Toon,
Toon Disney, USA, VH1


The Stop||Watch(TM) ratings service, introduced in February 2007, is
offered via an easily sortable database of ratings for nationally run programs
and advertisements from cable and broadcast networks, with data going back to
September 2006. The service now tracks ratings for 93 networks from 5:00am -

TiVo’s Power||Watch(TM) ratings service provides advertisers access to
second-by-second program and commercial ratings data, with demographic
segmentations, for 20,000 households who have volunteered to take part in a
“passive” consumer panel. The Power||Watch(TM) ratings service provides
subscribers the ability to look at TV viewing broken down by standard
household demographics including income, geography, ethnicity, number of
children and tenure of TiVo subscriber, among others. TiVo can associate
household data with the viewership data then produce program and commercial
viewership reports by aggregate demographic and behavioral audience groups.
All reports prepared by TiVo using this data are anonymous.

TiVo Stop||Watch(TM) ratings service data is derived from a daily,
aggregate, anonymous, stratified random sample of 100,000 TiVo subscribers -
from which the second-by-second “clickstream” of behavior and viewership is
collected and assessed. The Stop||Watch(TM) ratings service includes data
for: Total Viewing, Live Viewing, Timeshifted Viewing (less than 1 hour, 1-6
hours, 6-24 hours, 24-48 hours, 48-72 hours, 3-7 day, and 7-14 day delay and
C3), Program Ratings, Commercial Ratings and a Commercial Viewership Index.
The Stop||Watch(TM) service uses ad occurrence data from TNS Media
Intelligence to identify commercial spots. For more information on the TiVo
Stop||Watch(TM) ratings service, visit https://stopwatch.tivo.com.

About TiVo Inc.

Founded in 1997, TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO – News) pioneered a brand new category
of products with the development of the first commercially available digital
video recorder (DVR). Sold through leading consumer electronic retailers and
our website, TiVo has developed a brand which resonates boldly with consumers
as providing a superior television experience. Through agreements with leading
satellite and cable providers, TiVo also integrates its DVR service features
into the set-top boxes of mass distributors. TiVo’s DVR functionality and ease
of use, with such features as Season Pass(TM) recordings and WishList(R)
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have created a whole new way for viewers to watch television. With a continued
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point of the digital living room, TiVo’s DVR is at the center of experiencing
new forms of content on the TV, such as broadband delivered video, music and
photos. With innovative features, such as TiVoToGo(TM) transfers and online
scheduling, TiVo is expanding the notion of consumers experiencing “TiVo, TV
your way. (R)” The TiVo(R) service is also at the forefront of providing
innovative marketing solutions for the television industry, including a unique
platform for advertisers and audience research measurement.

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Power||Watch, and the TiVo Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of
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reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

(1) To see the Top Ten highest rated Super Bowl commercials as viewed by
TiVo(R) service subscribers, please visit:


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