February 14, 2009

Fox to unveil divided ‘Wolverine’ trailer

A trailer for the upcoming U.S. movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be broadcast on the Fox network in three parts, 20th Century Fox says.

The studio giant said it has plans to air a Wolverine trailer in three 60-second spots starting this weekend on the TV network of its sister company, the Fox Broadcasting Corp., People.com reported Thursday.

The three-part trailer will appear on the network on three consecutive nights beginning Sunday when the first portion appears during Family Guy.

The remaining two spots will air during Monday's showing of House and American Idol on Tuesday.

The three spots, which reportedly form a narrative, will be placed on Yahoo following Tuesday's showing for repeated viewings, People.com said.

Wolverine stars actor Hugh Jackman, who previously appeared as the title comic book hero in the three X-Men films. The new action movie is to be released May 1.